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Holding Financially

People will forget what you said and what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
So here I want you, people, to close your eyes, take a deep breath for at least 5 seconds, and think, are you independent? I know most of you would say yes, living in a separate state, but here m not talking about being that independent .. here I am talking about are all free to do anything? Let’s decide later,
“Okay, now I don’t want to alarm anybody, but it’s just come to my attention ..Coco Chanel quotes that” elegance does not consist of putting on a new dress.”
I want to talk about those women who give themselves up to the person they are dependent on and married to. Many women dream of having a knight in shining armor and paying their bills. The part they don’t show is what happens after the charming prince sweeps you off your feet. If he’s spending all your bills in the castle, he’ll also be calling the shots when the princess stops feeling like a princess and starts feeling like a servant. You would also feel like you have now become a responsibility rather than a privilege. And his attitude would ensure that you are the one he’s been stuck with as he has to provide food for 2, housing for 2, and other payments of the bill. It doesn’t take long for him to feel the added pressure and the doubled responsibility for carrying himself and feeding another person.
Here it’s important to let him know your place your dignity. He must realize that if he mistreats you or sweeps you off his feet, you would pack up n leave because your pride won’t allow you to perceive yourself as a burden on someone. He should realize that once you’ve been mistreated or misused, you will directly look into his eyes and say, “I would sooner be flipping burgers at Mc Donalds.”
For that freedom, you don’t have to be rich. You have to maintain an ability to take care of yourself. Now lets Spotify an example of a real-life married woman Sameera. She told me about her ex-husband had made her feel when he was the only one working and serving his family. She recalled, “He was an MBA and an anti-corruption analyst in a reputable bank earning six digits handsome salary. But in four years, I didn’t own a coat. I felt that I couldn’t justify spending a couple of money notes on a good coat when I wasn’t bringing any money in. so I wear jackets I bought when I was in my university, or I would have borrowed his coats. But the minute I got a part-time job, I felt so much better. Not only because I couldn’t buy things that freely that I could buy on my own with my money, but I didn’t have to ask him for everything.”
With context to the relevant example, she now won’t be listening to the two feet speech to feel herself low that “you only have two feet. Why do you need so many shoes? There are 365 days in a year. You have 100 pairs of shoes. That’s one pair of shoes for every 3.65 days. I have flip-flops, sneakers, and a couple of pairs of work shoes. Why do you need so many shoes? Do you see the shoes I have on? I have worn these every day for the past two years. I don’t understand why do you need so many shoes?.. anyways.”
If she were working, would he give her this speech? Not likely. Again it’s not a question of whether he pays most of the bills; it’s a question of whether you can still stand on your own two feet and support yourself financially or not..?
In the end, I would like to conclude my blog with a quote from Marlo Thomas..” one of the things about equality is not that you be treated equally to a man, but you treat yourself equally to the way you treat man”…

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