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Media Manipulation

Media is the most powerful entity on earth. Because it controls the minds of the masses and rules the kingdom of beliefs. I strongly agree with the above-highlighted statement. Since Pakistan got stable in its media industry, several groups have constructed such fabricated content to make sense of the world for us. Such content which is broadcasted creates fake culture too. I believe creating media content is a diverting activity that rarely resembles actual work in our country. Our people mostly try to make such content adopted in natural means. To prove my point, let’s deconstruct some very famous media content ideas.


The Pakistani media industry has played a vital role in this theme. After the partition, people followed Pakistani channels to watch accurate content in our dramas. From 1966 till the present, our drama industry gave blockbuster viewership such as Ankahi, Aanch, Piyas, Khuda ki Basti, and angan terha had topmost views among the drama industry, which showed true stories with healthy content. Later on, our people moved towards Indian dramas, But comparatively, “humsafar” in 2011 revamped our theater and brought our people on tv in the lead again. However, this drama doesn’t have any sensible story to show. Still, the Mise en scene, glamour, bungalows, and money influence significantly impacted our people because our people had seen such things in Indian dramas only. One of the best-fit examples of this fabricated culture is telefilms, which are broadcasted and specially made for a specific event like “valentines day,” which is not our culture but all fabricated. It includes “2nd Love Marriage” on ARY.

Moreover, the “Mehendi” drama in 2003 brought the mehndi concept to our viewer’s minds. The drama ost became a hit and brought dancing culture in mehndi ceremonies in Pakistan. Azar ki ayegi baraat is again an example of the same concept above. Talking about the present “Ghar titli ka par” in 2018 had a controversial story that showed one man being an ideal for two best friends including all clever tricks by girls to get a man, which is not our culture. Still, the viewer may absorb it as our cultural part. Man mayal in 2016 showed poor girl fighting for her rights, but she is really “Bechari” that she has to rely on another man after getting betrayed by her husband. And the drama plot was very glamorous that people loved that story.


The Pakistani advertisement and marketing industry also played a vital role in reshaping our society, but unfortunately, these ads are adopting secular cultures. Selling milk with the dancing concept is just like sheep wearing lion skin. Just like drama, now ads are embracing cultures too. We can see that a coke ad aired on tvc group showed sajal ali carrying no dupatta while sitting in the car. When she wants a coke she’s supposed to take dupatta from the back of the car and both friends rush towards the mehndi ceremony of an unknown family. On the other side we can see tarang ads too. As we can see shaan, Javed sheikh, Moammar Rana, and some female stars dancing wearing glamourous glittery clothes and selling milk with a concept of “sahi jorr”. Furthermore, Dostea showed a family concept but again sold milk with proper dance in a filmy style.

Films :

Recently we had observed a big change in our films too. Our films are losing decency and showing fabricated content. Like our media, we show item numbers in our movies that have no link with the movie and storyline but are adopted by Bollywood. Films like Na maloom afraid, Punjab Nahi jaoungi etc consist of item songs that have no means with the story but are still there. “billi” was the first item song from film na maloom afraid created hype in the film industry and all upcoming movies followed the trend.


All such examples given above prove the statement did its work well. We create content and hypodermically inject it into people’s minds. So if we fabricated and adopted cultures, we would forget ours. And people would follow the trend blindly. So it’s better to show the actual culture of our country rather than mold and fabricate other’s cultures and follow them.

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